6 August, 2015

Investment Specialists: Annual Due Diligence Report

At Counsel Portfolio Services, we believe strongly in the value of independence and objectivity in money management. To achieve this, we actively research, evaluate, select and monitor every investment specialist on our platform. Each investment specialist is appointed based on a selection of criteria as defined by our Portfolio Management Team. This includes having a successful and repeatable investment processes for the mandate that they are hired to manage. Our approach and process allows us to give investors access to the expertise of some of the best money managers in the industry. 

When constructing a portfolio, the Team will optimize the asset allocation structure of each Counsel portfolio by combining various investment mandates to target a given set of investment objectives while managing risks. As part of this, they also ensure that the different investment styles and processes of the investment specialists complement each other so as to avoid unnecessary investment overlap and manage the overall risks. 

At the heart of our process is the view that our investment specialists must continue to earn a place in our portfolios year after year. Because of this view, we undertake a stringent review of each investment specialist at regular intervals. This allows us to objectively replace an investment specialists, when necessary. 


One of the most important factors in portfolio management is to have a defined and disciplined approach for the selection and replacement of investment specialists for each mandate in your portfolio. Our Portfolio Management Team searches a wide universe of potential candidates to select the ideal investment specialist for a given mandate. Using both quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria, investment specialists are selected based on an analysis of their track record, expertise in a particular asset class or geographic region, investment style, and risk management This due diligence process continues even after an investment specialist has been selected. ...Click here to read full report!