2016 Conference Calls

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Disclaimer: The information provided in audio is for educational and illustrative purposes only and does not represent investment advice or solicitation to buy or sell securities. The comments expressed here are the opinions of the Advisor and may not represent the views of IPC Securities Corporation.

Q3 Conference Call: Sell in May & Go Away did not Work this YearSell in May & Go Away did not Work this Year:

Why Looking back at 2016 it was supposed to be a year for investors to sell in May and go away.  But it didn't happen.  We will explore the sources of volatility so far this year, the resulting market performance and how investors can position their portfolios for the coming years. ...click here to listen! • Summary of Quarterly Conference Call 

Q2 Quarterly Conference Call

Weapons of Mass Destruction:

Investors are experiencing Mass Distraction these days. Join Brad as he shares what these "weapons" are that are distracting us and the market reactions to these issues.  He will also Share our investment specialists outlook going forward. ...click here to listen!

Conference Call Q1 2016: Unpleasant Truths or Comforting Lies:Unpleasant Truths or Comforting Lies:

The financial markets and global economy continued to worry investors during the first quarter of 2016. Investors worldwide are becoming increasingly weary of central bank policy to create economic growth. Would investors rather hear a comforting lie than an unpleasant truth? Join Brad as he discussed what markets experienced in the first quarter of 2016 and the outlook of our investment specialists going forward. ...click here to listen! Summary of Quarterly Conference Call 

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