2015 Conference Calls

Click below to listen to our recent conference calls with Brad Smith from 2015:

Disclaimer: The information provided in audio is for educational and illustrative purposes only and does not represent investment advice or solicitation to buy or sell securities. The comments expressed here are the opinions of the Advisor and may not represent the views of IPC Securities Corporation.

Q4 Conference Call - Optimism during turmoil Optimism during turmoil 
in the Markets Look for Opportunities Join Brad as he reviews the fourth quarter results of 2015 and how investment strategists are currently managing portfolios as we enter the new year. There are opportunities and optimism during the first quarter of 2016. ...Click here to listen!

Conference Call Q3 - Market Fear or Opportunity? Investors Seek WisdomMarket Fear or Opportunity? Investors Seek Wisdom
Welcome to our Third Quarter 2015 conference call. This series of conference calls we host throughout the year are designed to provide our client families with additional information about the economy, market and portfolio activity. ...click here to listen!
Disclaimer: The direct quotes provided in this conference call are from our Investment Specialist at Counsel Portfolio Services.

Conference Call Q2 2015Uncertainty Continues
What should investors be doing right now! July 31, 2015 Listen in as Brad Smith, Senior Wealth Advisor in Waterloo, Ontario shares an update on current market conditions and the uncertainty that investors have been experiencing. Listen in to gain some clarity on current market conditions and investing insights. ...click here to listen!   • Summary of Quarterly Conference Call

Conference Call Q1 2015How Low Can You Go?
Welcome to our First Quarter 2015 conference call. This conference call is part of a series of calls we host for our clients throughout the year to provide you with some additional information about economic and market performance. ...click here to listen! Summary of Quarterly Conference Call 

2014 Market Review: The Year That Ended... Volatile February 6th, 2015
2014 was mostly a good year until the last quarter. Listen to hear what happened and the implications for 2015. ...click here to listen!Summary of Quarterly Conference Call