Welcome to Advice First Wealth: A Unique Client Experience

You have made an important first step towards a more meaningful and significant life. Whatever your dreams are: to save for your first home, educate your kids, save for retirement, see the world or even change the world, we are here to help.

Our unique approach to financial planning will help you set goals that are written, prioritized, quantified and measurable. Together we will put in place an Action Plan to make them happen and monitor your progress.

OUR MISSION: passion |excellence | integrity

Brad Smith - Senior Wealth Advisor

Laurie Smith - Client Relations Manager


Brad Smith
Senior Wealth  

Laurie Smith
Client Relations   

To help families and individuals live a life of success and significance.

We guide our clients through a disciplined process to help them make wise decisions, aligned with their values, about money throughout their  lifetime.

To stand fast in our conviction.
Our principles, convictions, and beliefs do not change as they are timeless and true regardless of circumstances. They are what help us guide our clients through all of life’s different situations. 
To be accountable.
We support our clients through a disciplined 7 step financial process with passion, service excellence and integrity.

To give generously to the benefit of others.
We work with our clients to help and encourage them to give of their time, talent, treasure and touch. We explore different ways to help them live a generous life.