Client Testimonials

"I want to thank you for always going above and beyond for my family's and my businesses financial future. I appreciate that you listen to what my goals and dreams are, both professionally and personally and have helped set a plan in motion to make them a reality. I have come to you with many questions or concerns always to be educated and directed the best possible way, always respecting my values and principles. You keep in touch with me regularly and always acknowledge my families joys and sorrows.

The investment of your time and patience with our teenage grandson, to educate him on the importance of taking responsibility for his financial choices and the affects that it has on his future will last him a life time and help him to finish well." - Tamara A. McBride, Owner of House of Angels Spa and Client for 3 years.

“Brad’s Wealth Management Process allows us to feel much more informed about our financial journey. Previously, we felt very disconnected from our investments. Now, with this process in place, when we meet with Brad we are able to see the whole picture, allowing for greater insight into the management of our finances. We also benefit from superior customer service including quarterly updates that are easy to understand. Brad takes the time to make notes on these statements; as a result, reviewing our plan is easy and efficient.” - Jan Radke, client for 10 years

“Through the Personal Financial Strategy step of Brad’s Wealth Management Process we were given the opportunity to share our personal plans for the future and beliefs which Brad took aligned with our financial goals and incorporated into our Personal Financial Strategy (financial plan). This Wealth Management Process allows us to set realistic goals and track them. We have confidence and peace of mind knowing Brad will offer timely advise for the ever changing seasons of our life and that he is continually evaluating our investments and retirement goals. We think of him not only as our advisor but a friend who we believe has our best interests at heart.” - John and Lisa Sattler, clients for 14 years

“Brad’s Wealth Management Process allowed us to develop a plan for our future that reflects our Christian values and has given us a sense of security about the direction we are going. We have confidence knowing that Brad is overseeing our accounts. He takes the time to educate us about the options available to help us reach our goals in all areas of money management. He is warm and has a passion for his work and clients, while maintaining his integrity.” - Phil and Susan Shamas, clients for 7 years

“Brad’s Personal Wealth Management Process has been a benefit to our family specifically, the Wealth Transfer Step. It gave us a whole new way of thinking about the distribution of our estate. It has encouraged us to finish with significance and to include our whole family in the wealth transfer process. We value Brad’s use of Christian principles along with financial planning tools which have encouraged us to be responsible stewards of what has been entrusted to us.” - Louise Belfour Dickenson client for 10 years and Rick Dickenson client for 5 years

“The thing we value the most in our relationship with Brad is that he is very conscientious and always puts our (the clients) financial health first. Brad has a great support team that ensures you are attended to with professionalism and courtesy in all aspects of customer service.” - Chris and Janice Collins, client for 10 years

"I have confidence and peace of mind knowing that Brad is watching our investments as the markets change. What I value most in my relationship with Brad is he is honest and reliable. These characteristics make him the ideal investment advisor to oversee my portfolio."  - Ray Bender , client for 8 years

My family and I have confidence and peace of mind knowing that our financial future is headed in the right direction. I value Brad's ability to communicate ideas in an understandable way.  - Murray Hachman, client for 10 years

Ray and I always feel good after a visit with Brad. With each meeting he helps us understand our finances more fully. We appreciate Brad's integrity and the spiritual dimension that he adds to the equation providing solid advice based on biblical values. - Ray & Marion Houlding, clients for 14 years