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Pay Less Tax – Flow through Shares 
One of the steps when developing your Personal Financial Strategy is tax planning. Although most Canadians take advantage of the tax benefits provided through RRSPs and TFSA, one often overlooked opportunity is to consider Flow-Through Share investing. 

Flow-Through Share investing offers key tax advantages including: 

  • Tax Deductions – Investors may claim a deduction of up to 100% against taxable income.
  • Tax Referral – Investors may defer income taxes for all, or a portion of the amount invested.
  • Tax Savings – By investing in flow-through limited partnerships, income that would be fully taxable in the current year is converted into more favourably taxed capital gains payable in the future.

Investing in Flow-Through shares through a limited partnership provides several key benefits: 

  • A diversified portfolio
  • Professional investment management
  • Access to investments that might not be available to investors who purchase shares directly

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Tax Preparation Service 
Through a referral arrangement we provide clients with tax services completed by a professional tax preparer. This ensures a seamless exchange of tax related information between advisor and accountant. 

Become Mortgage Free Faster 
Because Investment Planning Counsel is an independent company, our team can shop the market for the best interest rates on your behalf. Through our subsidiary, IPC Save Inc., you have access to a complete suite of financial products selected from among Canada’s foremost banks and trust companies. 

Our Mortgage Intelligence Agent, Jim Govanis (Lic#M08003179) is available to meet with you and discuss the full spectrum of mortgage and lending services we offer – from pre-approvals and rate guarantees to flexible payment options and refinancing. 

Taking the time to scrutinize the interest you pay on your debts and receive on your savings is a worthwhile exercise. Let us help you review your current situation to ensure you’re taking advantage of all opportunities to eliminate a mortgage and fund other goals. 

To receive a free, unbiased mortgage evaluation, contact us. 
Mortgage Broker services provided by Mortgage Intelligence (Lic.#: ON 10428 | SK 315857). 

Wills and Power Of Attorney Service 
When completing the Wealth Transfer Process we ensure that our clients have proper wills and power of attorney documents in place. We have established a working relationship with a local firm who will complete (or update) your wills and power of attorney documents, if required.

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