13 August, 2020

Taming Your Anxiety

No sooner had we stepped into 2020, when people around the world were blindsided by the Covid-19 virus. As the Covid-19 virus systematically turned our world upside down we experienced a collective trauma and grief. We have heard it said that we are "in this together". While a part of that is true, how we experience this change and loss is unique to each one of us.


Anxiety is a common part of grief and trauma. Anxiety is heightened during times of change. Often, the more change and uncertainty we experience, the more anxiety and stress we feel. It should not surprise us then to see an increase in anxiety during this time in history. Anxiety is not exclusive to a pandemic. Some people were already living with anxiety.


Whether you have had anxiety in the past or this is something new that you are coping with there are tools to help you tame anxiety and make it work for you. Click here for an informative interview with Bunny Ninaber, MDIV RP of Bunny Ninaber Counseling Services as she has a candid conversation with Brad Smith, Senior Wealth Advisor of IPC Securities & Advice First Financial about what anxiety is and practical advice and tips that may help you manage your anxiety.


Anxiety can work for us. If we learn to understand ourselves and regulate our anxiety we can gain confidence and feel more empowered in our lives. There can be more energy to enjoy life and we can learn new skills in navigating the stressful situations life brings our way.