Brad Smith

Senior Wealth Advisor

Brad Smith has worked diligently as an Advisor for over 18 years, becoming a Qualified Kingdom Advisor in 2008. This allows him to incorporate transcendent principles into the advice he provides his clients.

Brad has shared his knowledge and expertise on his radio show, Your Life Well Invested, and has been asked to speak at numerous conferences across Nor th America hosted by IPC Securities Corporation, Advisors with Purpose, FaithLife Financial, Kingdom Advisors and international delegates. Brad is passionate about helping his clients set financial finish lines and then works with them to devise a strategy for meeting their goals. 

Brad takes a unique approach to financial consulting. He quarterbacks the Journey to Meaningful Significance, which is a unique 7-step process his team takes each client family through. The result is that each client knows their life goals and has a plan tailored to their unique values to reach these goals. Brad’s clients have confidence that they will be encouraged in using their time, talent and treasures towards making a lasting difference in their lives and the lives of those around them. Brad’s passion for people is apparent in his interactions with his clients. He strives for excellence in all he does, putting his client’s goals and values first, he walks alongside them on the journey. Integrity is the key as he strives to give independent, honest, unbiased advice. 


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