Supporting the Community

Supporting the communities within which we work


Feed the Need

For the months of September and October, our office collects food for the community food bank. Stop by our office and bring in non-perishable food items, pound for pound we will match the donations. It is our hope that this contribution will provide some much needed support to families.







Camp McGovern
Camp McGovern was started in 1970 and has been serving our community for over 40 years. Children and youth who endure the uncertainty of an unstable home life find a unique summer program at McGovern. We are excited about the future possibilities and endless opportunities our capital investment will offer to children and youth. We participate in Curling for Campers so that kids from our community who are part of the Big Brother Big Sisters organization or through the United way can also have an opportunity to enjoy summer camp. Brad and Laurie and their 3 children participate in this annual Curling of Campers Event to raises funds to send a kid to camp.

Joint Aid Management
Joint Aid Management (JAM) provides over 900,000 children with a nutritious meal every single day through these simple red bowls - children who would otherwise go hungry. It costs just $65 (CDN) per year for one child to receive this meal each day. Through this Red Bowl Campaign, you can feed a child in Africa simply by pre-paying for your groceries each month. You choose the amount you require each month and the grocery cards are shipped to your door, and you use the full amount to feed your own family. At the end of the year, $65 in rebates are generated and sent directly to JAM to feed a child in need. It’s as simple as that - feed your family, feed a child.

Southwestern Ontario Gleaners
Southwestern Ontario Gleaners is an interdenominational organization that will provide FREE dehydrated soup mix and dehydrated fruit for distribution to local community partners and reputable relief agencies around the world. Today, we can feed the hungry through the use of non-marketable produce. Our mission is to use this non-marketable produce to make dehydrated soup and fruit snacks for world distribution. We require 30 to 40 volunteers to work from 8:30am to 4:30pm every day on the production line. Come out and make new friends or renew old acquaintances while helping to make soup mix for the needy.

Our “Giving Christmas Away” Experience - December 27, 2011- February 7, 2012

This past Christmas Brad, Laurie, their children and 8 other families decided to “Give Christmas Away” and go on a mission trip to Guadalajara, Mexico with MB Missions. For 2 weeks, they partnered with a church called Casa de Paz (House of Peace). They worked along-side this church as they ran a kid’s day camp, helped with a soccer camp, cleared land for the new building Casa de Paz is building in February 2012 as well as providing food hampers to families in need. It was an amazing cross culture experience for the grown-ups and the children.

brad smith family

On Left, We have Guadalajara, Mexico from a hilltop at sunset. There are 8.8 million people who live in Guadalajara. On Right, We have: Smith and Molina Families